Schotten&Hansen Teams Up with Wood-Concepts

Schotten&Hansen, a very exclusive and high end wood flooring manufacturer in Germany, teams up with Wood-Concepts in Southern California.

“Schotten&Hansen finishes their flooring like they have finished their furniture for many years.  It is a quality that we do not often see in the wood flooring industry.  This product is for those that can truly appreciate the natural beauty that Schotten &Hansen is able to enhance with their craftsmanship and we are so honored to representing their product.”  Holly Baxter

” Working successfully with wood depends on a lot of experience and an intuitive understanding of this wonderful natural material. We combine the two. Our thinking goes much further than wooden floors.” – Torben Hansen

“Over the life of a house, the floor is often the element that endures. It can last as long as the time the tree took to grow.”